Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Galway and Dublin

Hey hey hey! I just realized I forgot to tell you all what "craic" means (from my last post). It's basically like fun... but it has a lot of different meanings. Very versatile word.

In any case. Continuing where I left off. In Galway I stayed the night with Lindsay and Torri (sp? Torri, if you ever read this, I'm REALLY sorry if I spelled your name wrong... I'm just too lazy to go and check lol). We had a good chat and had fun swapping stories about things that have surprised us in our new countries of residence (Ireland and Spain, for those of you who've somehow missed that information =p).

Day 3: In the morning, Lindsay headed off to class and Torri accompanied me to the Healy Tours pick-up point, where we said good-bye. All of day 3 was spent on a tour of The Cliffs of Moher and the Burren.

The Burren was first, and I opted to do a walking tour of the area with a local farmer. He had some cool stories to share with us, although I didn't enjoy wearing the Wellingtons to avoid the mud, because they rubbed against my ankles weird. Anyway, The Burren is just basically a huge area with a ton of really cool limestone rock formations. The structure I'm standing next to was made........ I forget when. But fairly recently. I thought the rock formations were super cool to look at, thus they made the pictures...

Cliffs of Moher came next! I think I would have been more impressed by their 700 meter sheer drop-off to the sea if it hadn't been FREEZING.
After the Cliffs of Moher, I grabbed a bus to Dublin. That night, I decided to check out the Temple Bar area of town, which has a lot of good places for dancing. At one of them, I was just minding my own business, and there was a creepy guy that would NOT leave me alone. So I had to leave.

Day 4: Today I got up and figured out a bus route to take me to Newgrage and Knowth, which are neolithic tombs. They were pretty cool I guess, but a little anticlimatic, because of the cold and wind, I think. It is incredible, though, how much those people knew about the sun and the moon and the earth and their movements and everything, and how they could build things so precisely that on important occasions (equinox, solstice) the entire inner chamber would be illuminated at precisely the moment the equinox or solstice occurred, no matter what, for as long as the structure remains standing.

I was SO annoyed about the wind lol.

After I got back from that little tourist attraction, I got back to my hostel where I met these three girls. Sadly, it's the only picture I got from the night. From left to right: Katy, Dayna, Christina, Me.

I knew I'd get bored with them the moment one of them mentioned Rihanna and Chris Brown, but we all decided to go out together anyway. Strength in numbers, eh? So we went to this place in Temple Bar called Oliver St. James, which was absolutely PACKED with tourists in ridiculous hats and clothing, all decked out for St. Patrick's Day. I was pretty convinced that I wouldn't meet any Irish people there, but I decided to stay anyway.

To make a painfully long story short (in other words, be glad you're not my mother, who had to listen to every bit of it) I met two RIDICULOUSLY cool Irish guys, with their cute Irish accents. They were brothers, and Katy REALLY wanted to make out with one of them, so she kept asking him to dance, and he kept telling her no, haha. Reasons they're ridiculously cool:

1. They told me that for them going to Temple Bar was like going to the zoo. Being from Moab and having observed Jeep Safari, I can totally relate.
2. They told me I was the only girl in the place worth talking to.
3. I expected them to be completely into the sorority girls, and they weren't. Sometimes girls with brains DO finish first!
4. When they eventually ended up leaving, they were like, "It's not you, it's her." I felt like they were breaking up with me, lol.
5. They refused to let me be overly nice to Katy (who handed me her coat without even asking if I would hold it), and told me to put it on the ground with their scarves.
6. When I mentioned I was from Utah, the first thing they mentioned was L. Ron Hubbard.
7. They had somehow procured a sample of 160 euro body spray (the word that you use for mens' fragrances is currently escaping me right now) and asked me to test it. I'm not gonna lie, it smelled delicious.
8. The one Katy was trying to dance with recognized that "dance" was just a way for her to make out with him.
9. They taught me some good old-fashioned Irish dancing.
10. When I was describing the cuter one in my journal, I realized he looked kind of exactly like a vampire from Twilight. And I used the phrase. Haha. Nerd that I am.

Man, they were cool. I wish I had pictures with them! But alas, I don't... Ah well.

Thus concludes day 4.

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