Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jan. 10-14

Over the next few days a couple of things happened. I met a lot of Mapi's neighbours, who seem very nice. She mostly hangs out with the parents who have kids her age, so I haven't met anyone of my age yet.

Saturday was the first really good day of my stay here. The sun was so warm, the sea was beautiful, and the temperature was somewhere in the fifties. Mapi's mom and her mom's boyfriend came to our house for lunch, which they cooked. They made some lamb with potatoes and boiled green cauliflower. I think I would have liked the cauliflower more if it hadn't been cooked so long that it turned to mush when I touched it with my fork.

On Sunday we went for a walk along the coast and down to one of the many beaches within walking distance of their house. We stayed down at the village square thing (I guess that's what you would call it) for a while talking to some of Mapi's friends (she has met someone she knows EVERY time we go somewhere; it's unreal). The sea was, as always, beautiful, as was the beach. I will be getting to know all of these places intimately in the months that I am here.

On Monday we went to Salou where I found a bank in which I could change money. This was my first successful use of the language outside of introducing myself to people and telling Mapi's mom's boyfriend a little about why I love the sun and even the heat. The guy I was working with didn't immediately start speaking English to me, which was good, until I slipped up and didn't understand (at first) that they needed my passport, rather than wanting to make me one, lol. I noticed that in Spain they sell wine in those little boxes that they also sell shelf milk in, instead of just in bottles, which I thought was interesting.

On Tuesday I had an adventure with Anna. I had to drive her back from Altafulla so that Mapi could pick up her other car, and of course, I had to drive a stick shift. So, it was a little exciting driving back from Altafulla to La Mora, but we made it there safely. Also, Anna got sick today and also bumped her head with her racket :(.

On Wednesday I learned where the kids' Kumon (mental math) building is, and I also went to the supermarket with Mapi. Also, today Mapi and I finally really clicked.

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