Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Doug Wright

I first met Doug when I was a freshman at Westminster College. He taught my Foundations in Film Literacy class, and I'll never forget what a profound impact Doug and his class had on my life. He was a great professor, and he was great because he had such a deep passion for what he did. Not only was he inspiring to his students, but he also listened to us and to our ideas. I remember being able to say things in his class that I'd be sure would be shot down in another class, but with Doug, any idea was safe. Not only was any idea safe, but many times, when students would point out particular moments or elements in film, Doug's face would light up with excitement, similar to the way that a child's face lights up on Christmas when they've found the best and most unexpected gift under the Christmas tree. I think it was this that I liked best about Doug - his never-ceasing energy, his absolute delight at discussing different ideas and looking for new depths of meaning in art and in life. I can only hope that I too will one day be able to impact others the way Doug has impacted me, and be able to find my passion and share it freely with others so as to help them benefit. May we all remember to live with at least some degree of the passion that Doug has given us so that his spirit, passion, and light will be forever snowballing outward, and touching countless people, regardless of whether or not Doug is here to teach for himself.

Doug, thank you for inspiring me to be a better person and find my passion. May your spirit live on and be part of this earth forever.

For those of you who want to know a little more about Doug, here is a link to his obituary:

Doug Wright Obituary

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